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Friday, January 20, 2006

Oh no

Well, I'm afraid this is the end of the world. I think the worst possible thing that could happen to Democrats or anyone who is against the war in Iraq has occurred. There's no good way to say, 'I agree with Osama.'

Damn it.

I read an abbreviated version of his message (through an Australian news source) and it pissed me off. I think this war is terrible, I think it was and has been a mistake at every step, but having Mr. 9/11 say that makes me livid. If I am livid then the red states and far-right-scary-Christians are going to suggest we drop an A-bomb.

I went to lunch with a guy from France today--maybe he has a couch I could hide out on.


  • LOL, nothing wrong with crashing on the couch of a French guy ;) If it's in Paris can I have his number? I love that city!

    Yeah, the war is terrible....and everyone knows it. Even the terrorists.

    By Blogger OutInLeftField, at 3:58 PM  

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