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Friday, February 03, 2006


E sent me a text last night, and at first, I didn't recognize the number. It said "with brian. Hope you are good." It was 1 am, and I didn't respond to it. This morning at 9 I sent him one that said "Have a good time. My ___ pass has expired." I assumed the Brian was his brother and he wanted to use my get-into-NY-tourist-attractions-free pass that I got from my last job. This was bitchy on several levels: writing him when I didn't think he'd be awake, and assuming the reason he was writing. He wrote back "Just reaching out. Brian from the election. He asked about you." and a few minutes later "But I'm glad you think I'm totally self-serving." When being openly confronted about being a bitch I responded: "I assumed you meant your brother. I am not trying to be a bitch-it just happens." This was a lie. I was trying--and it apparently worked. He wrote back "Understandable. It's easy to think the worst." Ugh. Then he wrote "Bummer about the pass you'll never see BE (a putz friend of ours) again" I wrote "That was funny-and so very true" He wrote "Thanks." I felt we had navigated the waters well, that it was a good place to leave it. Then he wrote, "That is unless he needs a job" so I felt I had to respond and I said "you are on a roll-hope you are writing this stuff down" thinking that would be the end of it--but it was a misstep. He wrote "Im done. was that bitchy sarcasm is lost with tm" I had no idea what he meant, but assumed he thought I was being mean again when really I just wanted to be done with the 10 cents a text conversation. I wrote: "ok next time I will put a smiley face if you won't give me the benefit of the doubt :) Thanks for reaching out and being funny" Done. Period. Final Stop. He writes: "your welcome." While my initial reaction is to be enraged I think, okay fine. I said thanks, he gets to say your welcome. Then he writes some crap that again I didn't understand that says "your welcome as opposed to my welcome but really meaning... your welcome." I have no idea what the last one means, unless he was trying to make a play on your and you're but messed it up.

I checked friendster immediately. His new girl is still listed as 'in a relationship.' A-ha I thought to myself. But, I also recalled how I never changed my listing to 'in a relationship' the entire time I was dating him.

This shit is exhausting, no?


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