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Thursday, October 05, 2006

drunk Blogging

Should drunk blogging be akin to drunk driving? I hate myself for doing it, and yet I feel like I'm a better driver.... (I feel like I really tell you what is honestly on my mind when I am fucking hammered).

Yet again I am home alone. I got drunk and hung out with my boss and her significant other. All my drinks and the meal I didn't eat were paid for. All my companion's drinks and meal he ate enthusiastically were paid for.

And here I am blogging. Now, I know that j.o.e. is my friend, and I'm not really all that interested in sleeping with j.o.e. However, I would appreciate someone reminding me that I am desirable. This person doesn't have to be who I am buying drinks for, but still....... I know that I sound like a sexist pig, but I'm drunk, so... well, I'm driving with a lot of concentration right now....


I make no effort and I feel fine, but when I dress up in a hot cocktail number and men act like everything's fine, I'm not fine. Can someone (other than Naomi Wolf) de-mystify my thinking on this??? We should be further...

I'm going to go to bed now, and if I have trouble passing out (unlikely), I will read a historical fiction book and wonder how Eleanor of Acquiatine was more liberated than I am......


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