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Friday, November 17, 2006


So I did something hair-brained. Unless the term is hare-brained aka bunny-sized. I am unsure of the root of this saying.

I bought a ticket to Seattle. Without speaking to T. On the assumption that him once saying 'yeah...' when I said, 'I wish I could see your place,' was heartfelt. It didn't particularly go over well.

It led him to call me manipulative and selfish. Because going to visit someone is manipulative and selfish.

At the time that was not my intention at all. I thought I was being a little wild, but in a sweet, caring way. Now, after his reaction, I can see that it was pushy. But I don't really think that there's anything wrong with that. I forced his hand on a question I've been asking for months by putting a date on it. I'm sure he could have continued to tell me that he'd really like to see me someday forever. But it seems that he doesn't want to see me January 18th. I can just transfer the ticket for my friend St. Matthew's wedding in April.

I certainly don't like to think of myself as manipulative and selfish, but I'm not displeased to have done what I did and see the results of it.


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