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Friday, December 08, 2006

Holiday Party

I'm hiding out. My small company is in an office suite set-up. We plan to get our own office space soon, but until then we share a floor with several companies. The Office Suite management is throwing their holiday party tonight. I am expected to be charming with light acquaintances. These are people that may or may not say hello when I pass them in the hall on the way to the bathroom.

I have decided the only thing to talk about is celebrity gossip. It's times like this I wish I watched more TV because at least then I could discuss Grey's Anatomy for 30 minutes, have a free drink and feel like the evening was a success.

TV would be one holiday party solution. Another possible solution is drugs. Cocaine would solve all my social anxiety issues.

In other news, I am being encouraged to test for karate 'promotion'. I have one week to cram for the written portion. I think I have to not only know the Japanese terms for kicks but may also be expected to spell them.

This last paragraph is exactly what leads me to believe I will not have interesting Holiday Party discussions.


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