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Thursday, January 25, 2007


I flirted with strangers tonight. Intently.

I had a blind date last Saturday that was totally fun, and I had hoped would at least provide a second date and some french kissing. Then it seemed to dissipate. C'est la vie. I have a feeling I can be too much. Too much the smart one. Too much that girl--as if there were another girl I could be. Flip the switch and I'm sexier or nicer or anything other than the person I am.

It's here guys. After a year and half of discussion, searching and observing I'm at the point where I am ready to date.

It's completely terrifying.

I did the "ideal" I did the opposite, I then read books, took classes and now I'm going to really have a relationship. One where I am there. I have no idea what will happen.

I've stepped up to my potential, my actualization. Is there somebody out there that will take that on? And that will also have sex with me?

Only time will tell.

Shakespeare said "Time, thou must unravel this not I,
It is too hard a knot for me to untie"

name the quote... come on--without googling.



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