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Thursday, January 03, 2008

2008--and a triumphant return!

Well, 2007 went out with a bang, I left my last job. It was extremely stressful--the events leading up to it, being unemployed etc. Now I'm temping. This is ironic since my last position was HR. The good news is that after 20 minutes, and now again after 7 days this position will probably become a full-time real-life job. I'm going to chat with them about that tomorrow.

The other good thing is that this position is so low stress. I'd forgotten what a job could be like (aka not like demons gnawing on one's brain). So, I feel confident saying that the triumphant return of YB is upon us. I have time to navel-gaze once more. Become another brilliant and under-challenged member of the work-force. I could even have this position and take night classes, yo.

I could get a PhD here...

It sorta reminds me of my old admin days. I did get a lot of navel-gazing done back then: dating inappropriate men, leaching all the possible meanings out of trivial conversations, obsessing over rumors and other people's business...


I'll keep you posted.


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