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Monday, August 29, 2005


Today on the BBC News daily e-mail:

BBC UK: Iraq charter a 'recipe for chaos'
BBC Americas: Bush praises Iraq charter effort
this country is so fucked

In other news, phone conversation with E went well enough. He's particularly adept at maintaining that nothing is ever different or uncomfortable. Which makes me want to hit him with a hammer. We are slated to have a post-break-up dinner next weekend since he works every night but Wednesday and Wednesday I have my VO class. He said he wants to see me. He probably just wants to keep me, being that I am a terrific friend. Well, we'll see how it goes when it happens, and I will do my best to be expectation-free.

I am wearing my white summer pants for the last time this season. Fare thee well white summer pants. I must buy new pants soon, and hopefully will have a new job to afford those pants. I have another interview tomorrow that I don't want to go on.

Today appears to be the first day of classes at the King's College. A College located in my building that is dedicated to showing Fox News in front of the admissions office and generally pissing me off by holding lectures about Republicans & Civil Rights or some equally fucked up approximation of truth. As I was randomly flipping through blogs yesterday I came upon too many that had to do with 'worshiping God freely' and other 'moral values.' I can't help but wonder what these same people would have to say if it got passed that it's important to read sections of the Koran everyday to 6th graders before Social Studies. Not that the contradiction would effect them, they seem to be able to manage the whole against birth control and against abortion contradiction just fine.

So, in retaliation to feeling like a minority, I would like to direct you to this link about someone's brilliant spaghetti monster idea of the universe.


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