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Thursday, October 20, 2005

All about me

I'm bailing on a friend tonight. TV is going on tour and called for a bar night at that infamous karaoke place where CC had his belated birthday. I didn't go. Not for any real reason except I'm warm and comfortable and it's hard to drag oneself out to a bar at 11:30 sometimes. If only it weren't a subway ride away. Of course, that's a flimsy excuse; it's not as if it's in Brooklyn. The place is 30 blocks and 6 avenues away from where I'm warm and cozy right now. When I write it like that does it sound more or less far away? I will see him tomorrow for a farewell dinner, and he'll be back in 3 months. I will miss him terribly.

I got a hit of dating burn-out from the internet today; that might also be keeping me from the bar scene. I didn't really think that was possible, but that silly Okcupid site has been interesting. I signed up a week ago, and so far I've gotten a bit of email and had a few exchanges. One of the boys I exchanged email with called it off today. Yes, I did say 'called it off'' about a email string. He said, 'I don't really like this whole on going email thing so either call me or let's plan to meet.' I feel bullied by that. Okcupid did warn me about this, we did have low compatibility. I only wrote him because he looked cute enough and had a Oscar Wilde reference in his profile. Why I should care at all about a second of this, I do not know. Yet, I feel rejected a little. Why you may care, I can not fathom.


  • YB - Yeah be careful, there's a lot of nutjobs on the internet these days. You never know who you'll meet.

    I used to talk on the CB radio, and when we were very careful who we let meet us.

    Have fun at the bar!!!


    By Blogger Neo, at 12:39 PM  

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