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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Who's Crazy? Who is?

This will reference Sex and the City. Just FYI.

Last night I stayed in. I was feeling sniffly and generally anti-social from a hormone/weather combination. The news will not stop talking about the super-saturation of NYC and surrounding areas. I stayed in, I napped, read and soon found myself watching a cleaned-up re-run of Sex and the City on the WB.

It was the episode (I think season 2) where Carrie gets Mr. Big to go to a wedding. It reminded me of an excellent post by the Company Bitch. Women are just a basketful of crazy sometimes. What is the allure of the Big Game ‘unavailable’ men? Why did we devour six seasons of fictionalized SJP chasing a guy who in his ‘big relationship moments’ gives her a toothbrush and shows up at a restaurant that he said he would show up at? That just sucks, and yet it is such an entertainment!

I still think far too often about E and our drawn out chase of a relationship. Even now in our ‘friendship’ phase I play the ‘what does he mean’ game with great aplomb. For example, I think I told you that he called Monday to find out the name of a restaurant to take a ‘friend’ to. I assumed this friend was a date, I assumed he was shoving said date into my face, and I assumed that his actions were for my benefit. Though I never returned E’s call that day, I did call him last night after the Sex and the City episode when ‘big game’ thoughts ran through my mind. He had called earlier yesterday to ‘say hi’ which I assumed was because he realized like a child or a puppy might, that his behavior on Monday hadn’t been appreciated.

When we did speak it turned out that the friend had been a guy. A guy who had made a special trip down to see E from a business trip in Boston. Reality and my Assumptions collided and I was forced to realize that perhaps not everything is about me. For this to become a healthy relationship, it shouldn’t be all about me, either.

Do you think that there might still be some deeply ingrained sexual/cultural learned behavior that we are all subject to. Are we programmed to catch men? Are we all responding to a collective unconscious urging women to create: create a relationship so you can get with it and create a baby? Is it simply that the imagined life is always better than the real one? What do you think, ladies?


  • It's socio-economic politics. Society's rules encourage women to be pathetic and snivelling and to chase after men to get married and have babies. The reality is, most of these women end up miserable...Hmmm...I feel a blog post coming on

    By Blogger NewYorkMoments, at 9:49 AM  

  • If I have re-inspired you to blog then I'm the luckiest girl in the world (and after all that quitting talk) :-P

    By Blogger yb, at 12:34 PM  

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