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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Buy Me Stuff!!

Today is my birthday. I remain 20-something, but think I will begin telling people that I'm 19, you know, for fun. I went to PA to see my friend AC this weekend. He was singing in a wedding and needed a plus one to enjoy the extravagant open bar with. We also took it as an opportunity to finally record my Voice Over Demo, since he has a recording studio down there. All in all we had a pretty great time. It was so liberating to be out of the city. I never realize it until I'm away how much I love to ride in cars on winding, tree-lined roads, and what a sense of independence it gives me.

AC gave me my best birthday present so far (disclaimer: most practical gift that I'm terribly grateful for was the money my parents and grandmother sent me that will allow me to pay my bills). AC wrote me a song. He recorded it in his studio and it sounds fantastic. The tag line was born one night after smoking a bit and my reminiscing on this boy. GW and I had one magical night. GW and I hooked up when I was at a serious low-point, 2 weeks post devastating T-break-up. His shocking good looks coupled with interest in me gave me a new lease on life. AC's song is called 'Magical Night.' It made me laugh so hard I couldn't breathe.

The wedding ceremony was long (boring priest), but the reception was great, the food was fantastic and we danced the night away. This morning we drove up to NY and I'm at the weekend job. I got a birthday call from my brother and his kids attempted to sing happy birthday into the phone. It was half adorable, half annoying, as the kids usually are. My brother just found out he's being deployed to Iraq. He's in the Navy. He's an officer. He will be gone around 9 months. I am terrified. Ironically enough, my birthday present from my Aunt and Uncle was a t-shirt with President GW's face and the text: Worst. Ever.



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