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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I went to a 'guideline's for living' seminar yesterday to support a friend. I ended up crying--more than once and signing up to spend 30 hours with a bunch of other strangers who are trying to 'learn about living the life you want.' I feel that I may have also--upon signing up and putting money down--signed some confidentiality agreement that I wouldn't blog about it. I'm totally going to blog about it. I don't begin it until May. I hope they don't try to reform my charming cynicism. Really, everyone loves my cynicism. Will I still be funny if I find peace? Big questions indeed!

Work is hectic.

My father is visiting this weekend and I am really excited to see him.

I'm fighting off a cold that I think I got from my nephews or niece and their dirty house.

In other news, I got pseudo asked out. It was a guy I meet at a reading months ago who is a friend of my dear friend AC. When we met he was leaving for DC in a few days so I told him to call me when he got back to the city. Well, he followed up--including asking AC for my number. AC gave him my work number and promptly called me to let me know the situation.

I have been so uninterested in dating, and so hung up on T. But you have to admire the business savvy of this guy; he followed up. I got the message on Monday and returned his call Monday evening around 7. He hasn't called me yet. I'm wondering if he's trying to give as much of a lull as I did (he called Saturday and I called him Monday night) or what happened...

Don't worry about me, but the end of May I expect to have found inner peace and lost my sense of humor.


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