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Friday, March 24, 2006


If you live in New York, or have ever visited Times Square chances are you have met the 'do you like stand-up?' guys. They ask 'do you like stand-up comedy?' as crowds rush by. If you are green enough to stop or make eye-contact with these people (usually young white guys--you can pick them out because they stand in huddles, have large jackets and laminated 'back stage pass' type tags around their necks) they will talk to you about where to see stand-up and try to sell you a pass to a certain show that in inevitably very far from where you are and possibly doesn't exist. Maybe the venues do exist, but I tend to be skeptical of any piece of paper bought on the street.

Today while barreling past Penn Station, I heard someone say, 'hey, miss, you dropped something.' I immediately thought, 'No I didn't, they don't mean me' since I was carrying only my purse and a grocery bag with apples, but out of the corner of my eye I say a hand pointing at the sidewalk behind me and instinctively turned. I glanced back at nothing then looked up to ask the do-gooder what they were talking about. I was staring straight into the eyes of 'do you like stand-up comedy' guy. I recognized immediately the 'back-stage pass' laminated tag over the large black puff jacket. "It's your sense of humor," he answered quick as lightening. I could see him reaching for the pass to sell me, and said 'no, no,' but contact had been made and he asked me not only if I liked stand-up comedy, but where I was from, if he could take me to dinner (no) or dinner and a movie tomorrow (no) and if I liked skinny white guys (yes) followed by a high five and then a hug. Two women that passed by giggled together. I have to admit, he's the best 'do you like stand-up comedy' guy I've ever seen.

I walked away laughing.


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