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Monday, March 20, 2006


I took the day off work to help out JH(f) as a reader for a play she's casting. It was a quick reminder why theater and I broke up.

I found out today that T booked a month long trip to Germany; he leaves next week. I begged him to consider spending some time (maybe a month) in New York doing the same thing he plans to do in Germany (language classes and work). It was a quick reminder that T and I might never be.

I went to a party for JH's birthday where many of his work friends were. E and JH work together. Of the many work folks I hadn't really seen, they were all so sweet and pleased to see me. More than one of them said of E "You're better than him." It was a quick reminder of why we broke up; when one's own friends think the person they are dating is better than them, it can't last very long.


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