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Thursday, February 08, 2007


So much for the myth that nobody cares when a stripper dies.

too early?

Anyway, I got in a Whole Foods fight this evening. It didn't get physical (lucky for her). A petite young latino woman cut me in line then tried to act like I wasn't in that line. She said, "I see a line here" pointing to the middle line, "and I see a line here" pointing to the line that she cut in front of me in (clearly in a diagonal fashion when I was directly behind the other customers in a 'straight' line) and I said, "and do you see me?"

I can't believe I actually said that. I'm so fucking street y'all. I feel like I never think of the right thing to say in the moment and that time I totally did. That and she didn't know she was messing with a blue belt.

Rereading that story it would have been so much better if it were a food fight with organic foods. Maybe I'll try for that tomorrow.


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