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Thursday, March 22, 2007

As JT would say

So, I was given the new Justin Timberlake CD--he's from Tennessee!

In it there is a song with these sage lyrics:

"What goes around comes around (comes around, comes around, comes back around)"

This is also the song who's video features Scarlett Johanson and was at the source (rumor has it) of Justin's break-up with Cameron Diaz.

At any rate, my boss today had her break-down.

We had a talk yesterday about how to fix things, and she took on a little of the amount I have been doing, and by doing so realized that the company isn't as sunshiny as she had thought. She also I hope realized that I'm not crazy, that I have been putting up with the errors for months.

She's taking tomorrow off. I'm taking Monday off and then next week we're going to have to let one of our co-workers go.

And that is that.


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