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Monday, March 19, 2007

sex and the single girl

So I had my second date with the guy that I had sex with on the first date. We went to a play which turned out to be a terrible production--and to top it all off he wasn't feeling well. He had eaten something bad and was only partially recovered. He soldiered through the play and then had to call it a day. He did give me a sweet little good-bye kiss. I have not heard from him yet.

I feel like I have a pretty healthy attitude about sex. It's only when these little face-offs come up that I wonder if I'm an idiot and I should have waited til the third date. I like to think that sex should be spontaneous and rule free. I also think that if I never hear from this guy again the upside is that I got laid. I also think if he's got something holding him back from coming back for more great sex then I'm better off without him--and I'd rather know that sooner than later.


  • LOL.....we have very similar attitudes.

    By Blogger K, at 1:06 PM  

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