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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Me under a bushel

So, a few friend's as of late have been asking about my acting. Even a person that I had met 1 minute earlier asked me yesterday if I was an actress.

It's strange, I don't miss it. There was some famous actor once quoted as saying, "if you can do anything else and still be happy do it" because the life will use you up fast. I feel more like a recovering actress than anything else. I am a woman who's finally starting to understand self worth without the laughs of folks sitting in the dark. I am becoming someone who doesn't let a casting intern determine if I'm sexy, or young or 'believable'.

I am happy with out it.

And yet it feels like no one believes me... Now non casting interns are questioning my believability. And there's still enough of the 'unrecovered' left in me to wonder if these friends, or old-friends, or acquaintances know me better than I know myself.

Am I hiding? Have they found me out?


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