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Sunday, November 06, 2005

48 hours

I've been on a 48 hour mean girl marathon. Not really, I've just been in the NY marathon. No, that's not true either. What I've really done is: meet up with my friend JF. Have diner with her and my soon to be a MD friend, and I went on a date. Today I have watch the marathon from my beautiful view at the weekend job.

My new boss at the weekend job brought her dog to the office; he is adorable. I love that she's such a rule breaker. It makes it okay for me to invite all my friends to meet me here to see the view, which is pretty cool. For the first year I was here I felt like that was not okay.

The date went well and included going to the Met, which scores major points. I have only been to the Met like 3 times since I've lived here, and there is no excuse for that. It's an amazing, gorgeous museum.


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