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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

pay the fine

I have a UTI. That's a urinary tract infection, gentlemen. I'm seeing the doctor on my lunch break (apprx. 3 hours too far away from right now). I will have to co-pay $30 for them to tell me that I have a UTI and give me a prescription that I will have to pay at least a minimum of $25 dollars to get the antibiotics. So, right now, the price of enjoying lovely holiday sex with T:

$40 round-trip china town bus
$50 two months worth of birth control, that's one month before it starts working, and the actual month of use (I'm on this year round, but I'll only charge the two months directly corresponding to Thanksgiving weekend sex)
$55 minimum for UTI aftermath
(being generous, I will not charge for billable hours of 8 traveling on the China town bus or per diem)

So, at a minimum we are looking at just under $150 dollars for a handful of orgasams. Granted, I like orgasams, but I bought a handful from Toys in Babeland for $20. That's $24 if you count the roundtrip subway ride. I guess the $126 difference covers cuddling and good blog fodder.


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