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Monday, November 28, 2005


I have had serious tech support today. T (who is a computer smarty-pants) was able to fix my work email mess. MW (T's great friend) is sending me $100 software from his company for free that should (if I can understand it) seriously help me at my job.

I was talking to MW about getting T a refurbished iBook for Christmas, since T always has talked about wanting a Mac. T is however so on the cutting edge of things, that it seems I would be unable to afford something he would find interesting. Then I would have to sell it on ebay--and learn a whole new set of technical skills.

I have to think of a new gift. He's very hard to buy for, and I would like to get him something that he would like and use and think is cool. I thought the iBook would be perfect. Now it looks like I'll have to go with Plan B--getting pregnant... JUST KIDDING. I swear I'm just kidding.

I almost put a picture of an ultrasound on here, but they were all too creepy. I crack myself up.


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