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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Just like that

Tonight, I saw E in a play. I knew all the actors in this play, and though E had called and asked me to come personally, I was going to have to see it. It was fine. It was actually not so much a play as a long, drawn out Shakespeare study. I love Shakespeare, so I was hard on the 'adaptation' or 'compilation of scenes,' the actors were good though.

Afterwards I was expected to go to a bar with them and be charming. Luckily, a friend of E's, BV, who E and I both meet electioneering, also came along. He was fantastic, and a great distraction when E was being an idiot. E got drunk and at one point mentioned wanting to kiss me which I brushed off. He also gave me a hug that lasted far to long when I was leaving.

I hardly felt a thing.

Bigger fish, I guess.


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