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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Talking 'bout my generation

Friendster, you define my generation.

I found out today that friends of mine broke up on Friendster. I first noticed in an update that JT had changed his profile to 'It's Complicated.' Today I saw that his now-ex had changed hers to 'Single.' They have both removed photos of them together. What a fucking weird way to find things out. I called him saying as much and that I was sorry to hear the news.

Also, E's new girlfriend is listed as 'In a Relationship' and has a picture with him on her profile. He looks really bad in it--a funny angle or something. She looks cute, but nothing like me, again an odd but welcome comfort. She's cute but (at least in pictures) does not come off as an Angelina up-grade. Friendster.

I wonder if I ever have kids what sort of crazy world they will live in. I should call my grandmother and explain Friendster as the newest improvement on gossip. It's probably not that different a world, just that news travels faster.

If you haven't read this open letter to Dr. Laura Schlessinger, it's pretty funny.


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