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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Your Valentine's Defender

Last night I went out with my dear friend JA for her birthday and ate at a very nice French Restaurant—in Brooklyn. I’m putting a moratorium on outer borough friends. To top it all off, this restaurant only accepted American Express, which would have been fine if the ATM (inside the restaurant) hadn’t been out of cash, and the exact same thing hadn’t happened to me Sunday night when I took my roommate out for his birthday dinner to a great Italian restaurant that had the same policy. American Express—as if. I also am in need of a raise and this sudden need to buy all my dear Aquarius friend’s meals with cash isn’t fun.

Enough vulgar finance talk though. The point was in the middle of the conversation someone said, “So, what is a blog?” I stood up for you guys, my friends that have made me laugh and cry and taught me several sex tips. “It’s sort of a new journalism,” I explained. I find most of the blogs I read to be very much on the level of magazine articles or better. That might also be because I haven’t been searching for high-school journal type blogs lately—you know, like mine. It’s important to me to blog anonymously so I couldn’t be totally outright in my defense of the form, but I think I did a good job overall.

Then JA tried very heavy handedly to hook me up with her roommate. I don’t know what kind of chance he stood since it has come to my attention that GW is living in NY. GW and I have nothing in common really, but he looks like this. To top off the evening I had another stupid IM from stupid E on my computer when I got home. E: yo. And my wonderful roommate felt it necessary to apologize (too much talking) for trying to drunkenly fondle me after the cash only dinner.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


  • The world can always use another anyonymous blog-defender. Happy Valentines, yb!

    By Anonymous Dave, at 3:25 PM  

  • DOWN W/ E!

    By Blogger NewYorkMoments, at 10:11 PM  

  • Oh NYM, I know I know I know. If only he suffered the vicious beating he deserves maybe it would speed my healing proces...

    Code Red Anyone?

    By Blogger yb, at 9:51 PM  

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