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Friday, April 14, 2006

Play by Play

voicemail received at 9:35 pm (I was in the shower before heading out to a party)

"Hey, yb, it's E. Don't be scared, I'm not drunk or trying to sell you anything. I have two tickets to the matinee of Broadway-play and I was thinking of you and then I was going through my phone and thought you might want to see it. If you can call me back in the next hour, I won't offer them to anyone else."

My original response is "Tickets? I don't need your stinking tickets!" But I remember that he and his girlfriend had already seen said play where my friend JA ran into them. Then I realize that my plans for tomorrow are to do laundry, and if I don't get free tickets to said Broadway play then I definitely won't see it. I think, sure, why shouldn't I take these? I return the call:

E: Hey
yb: Hey, thanks, it's sweet that you thought of me
E: hold on, I'm at work
(I hold on)
E: Hey
yb: Umm, hey, I just wanted to thank you for thinking of me, it was sweet
E: Do you want the tickets?
yb: yes
E: Okay, umm, are you at your apartment?
yb: Uh, yeah, but I'm about to head out. (this is mildly true, I have an event that I was thinking of bailing on, but I feel that I don't look good and don't want him inside my apartment ever again)
E: Oh, okay, well, do you want to stop by here?
yb: Can't you just leave them in an envelope for me?
E: Well, I...
yb: You think someone will take them?
E: Well, I, uh, yeah?
yb: John isn't there?
E: no, he's not, look I could meet you outside so you don't even have to show your face in here
I become deeply offended
E: Is it really out of your way to stop by?
yb: No, I just don't want to.
E: Oh, well, uh
yb: I can, I just don't want to
(silence where I refuse to apologize for telling the truth)
yb: Okay, I'll come by, it's just...
E: No, no that's okay I'll leave them in an envelope for you.
(phone rings on his end)
E: I have to get that
yb: okay, bye, thanks

A text message arrives saying where the tickets will be and who to ask for them
I text back 'thank you'

I hate him. I 'show my face' in his restaurant, a public place, all the time. I just don't go there when I know he'll be there because I prefer not to see him if it can be avoided.

How is it that we don't speak for months and within seconds of talking he has offended me?


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