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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I saw the Caine mutiny Court Marshall tonight. David Schwimmer is in it, and it's closing Sunday. Seems a shame--I thought it was very good. It got annihilated in the Times, but I thought was a very honest and interesting production. I did see it a few performances from closing though, so chances are the actors were really getting the most out of it.

Tomorrow I'm seeing another play.

Yay, theater!

Work was mildly stressful. I'm beginning to step into my new position and surprise surprise I'm not immediately perfect at it. Shocking, right? I will just muddle through I guess.

T had an phone interview with a very large computer company today, they are flying him to Seattle for another one. We'll see what happens, I have my fingers crossed there will be an opening in the New York office. Sometimes you just have to let the universe help out, right?


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