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Sunday, July 09, 2006


I went to see my Granny for the 4th of July. She lives on the Ocean in North Carolina, I borrowed a friend's car and then spent 202.03 on gas and tolls and coffee to get there. My mother, father, aunt and uncle were there. Granny made two pies. There was a lot of Scrabble, one beach day, and plenty of food. I had a great time. I've cleaned up a lot of the crap between my parents and me, and I felt so comfortable with my mother. It was great.

I found a roommate to replace St. Matthew who leaves at the end of the month. I also met someone adorable at a bar on Friday night who I gave my number to but haven't heard from yet... Then I went on another date with the doctor on Saturday who I'm completely not attracted to. I guess the correct phrase is to whom I am completely unattracted. I need to call that off.

T is in Seattle this week and has 4 interviews. He should have arrived by now, and I haven't heard from him either.


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