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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


In an hour I will be having a meeting that will potentially mean I will have a new job. Please dear God, I hope this works out. It is with a different company, which I think will give me the honeymoon period that I so desperately want: new job, new responsibilities, and new industry even. Though my horoscope suggests that I read the fine print, I would really love for this to work out. There are certain risks, it is a start up company, and I will begin working part-time, though I’ve made it clear that it is necessary for my part-time pay to equal my current full-time pay. That equals out to a pay increase of $7.50 per hour. Or that’s what I worked out with my handy dandy calculator (and I’m guessing on shift length). I really hope it happens. The idea is that it will go to a full-time position eventually and then I will really feel the raise. So, that is the conversation I think that I will have today.

I will sing and dance if my job hunt finally ends. I mean really what’s the worst-case scenario? I get the job, suck, am fired and then I have to find a new job. At least the worst-case scenario is not that I could lose my legs. I mean, worst, worst case, I lose my job and can’t afford to stay here and move back in with my parents in Tennessee a failure and my mother wakes me everyday calling me a fat-ass and forcing me to go with her to Yoga classes 8 times a day. And even then, I’ll have my legs. Well, I will shortly let you know.


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