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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Cracker Jacks

Last night, I was at the Yankee's game with my friend DW, as my sweet wonderful friend RA had extra tickets. We had the most amazing time. I know next to nothing about baseball, but DW and RA would tell me names of players and then I would scream them:

Me: who's 13?
Them: A. Rod

Though I think our arrival was the best part. RA told us the wrong subway so we took the C to 161 (Washington Heights) when we should have taken the D to 161 (Bronx-Yankee Stadium). I thought it sounded wrong, and it was my first trip to the Heights since E and I ended. So DW (an adorable blonde who went to high school with me) and I wander upstairs looking quite lost. We stand on the corner and I call RA to let him know we'll be late and are looking for a cab. There is a cop car at the corner with two officers, a female officer in the passenger seat who looks about our age and her hot partner in the driver seat. Darcey goes over to confirm that we are indeed, totally misplaced.

DW: umm, my friend and I are lost
Female Officer: (chuckles) yeah you are
DW: oh, well, yeah, we're looking for Yankee Stadium
Female Officer: Oh, you want 161 in the Bronx,
(Male officer leans over to speak to partner)
Female Officer: wait, hold on

And then, DW and I get a police escort to Yankee Stadium! When we got stuck in traffic, they turned on their lights and drove on the wrong side of the road around it. It was awesome; thank God DW is so hot. Then the Yankees won:

Me: Make it Happen, Jeter! Make it HAAAAAAAPEN!!!!!
(Jeter makes it happen)

So we get on the train to head home and DW's ex-boyfriend has texted me an invitation to "Cum to my room get the pasS" because he's in NY on business, staying at the Sheraton and the last time he was in town I let him borrow a tour pass that he kept instead of returning. DW and I took great offense. I texted back that "I'm not 'cum'ing anywhere." I would have preferred being propositioned by Officer Hot.

That was my day.

me: Don't be jealous


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