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Monday, September 12, 2005

Careful what you Wish for (Part II)

Some of you may recall that I’m scheduled to volunteer the day away for a certain democrat tomorrow. While volunteering and democrats are two of my favorite things, let me explain how this can be a ‘careful what you wish for’ scenario. I’m signed up to spend from 6 am to 9 pm handing out literature at a polling place with E. Just me and E and whichever voters care to show up. Yes, it sounds like a Sartre play to me too.

I had a date with the Enigma last night, or a general meeting let’s call it. We met to see the invited dress of ‘The Naked Girl on the Appian Way.’ He had scored the tickets through a connection to the assistant director, who is also a connection of mine, though I definitely don’t feel that I know him well enough to score tickets. The Enigma suggested dinner before hand, which ended up being West Way Diner since we had a limited amount of time. The show was not great. I loved ‘Take Me Out’ and this was certainly no ‘Take Me Out.’ It was also their first audience, so perhaps it will be a hit by the time it opens.

The story revolves around a family with 3 adopted children, and how 2 have decided to get married. The event is telling the family. The point is totally lost on me. For an event/conflict it was pretty much calmly reasoned with, and ultimately left unresolved. People throwing up their hands in an, ‘I guess I’ll never understand’ way, and life goes on. I was unsure if I was supposed to take anything away from it. The actor playing the part of Thaddeus was quite attractive, and by far the most likeable character. Probably because he was written to be ‘dumb’ he was the only one with a clear character—he wasn’t contradicting himself. If anyone gets a chance to see the show I would love to hear your comments.

Post-show the Enigma and I got ‘coffee’ which was really water and desert at the Renaissance Diner, since I sort of had to show up West Way a bit. We discussed the play had a nice conversation with even a very slight tint of chemistry. He walked me back to my place. There was some in front of the door standing. Now, I’m well aware that my front door is perhaps the least romantic bit of concrete in Manhattan, but this boy has one more chance to kiss me, or he’s going to be chocked up to the rank of friend forever.

Maybe if I’d gotten an enigma kiss I would be less likely to act like a fool tomorrow. Or maybe I would act like less of fool? Or maybe my actions shouldn’t have anything to do with the men around me at all. Well, at least my hair looked amazing. I can’t believe that I’ve been so anti hair-dryer for so much of my life. Hair-dryer discrimination is really foolish.


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