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Sunday, September 11, 2005


As I was wondering up 2nd avenue yesterday, I passed one of the pay phones that has the Mega Million grand prize listed, and I thought, 'Why don't we just donate that 200 Million, just this once to a Hurricane Relief Fund?' This thought lead me on an elaborate fantasy trip where I won the Mega Millions, donated it all to Hurricane Relief, and continued on with my miserable my-only-choice-is-to-call-my-dad-when-I-have-a-surprise-expense life style.

Luckily, in my fantasy I was able to parlay my generous giving into a lucrative commercial campaign for Snapple (for example) with the catch phrase, 'do something good.' This would eventually lead other entertainment types to realize my talents and I would be able to do whatever I want with my rich ass self in the industry of my choice. Everybody wins.

The deterring factors: I would get a lot of unsolicited calls from non-profit organizations, and I've never bought a lottery ticket ever.


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