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Sunday, September 18, 2005


Last night I had a date. I meet the Enigma in Union Square and we went to a great and inexpensive Japanese place. I looked adorable in a skirt that JA loaned me when we saw each other two weeks ago. Then we went to see Miracle Brothers at the Vineyard Theater. It is a new musical about River Dolphins who transform into humans to understand their foibles. Yeah, that's what I said. CC works at the box office and gave a thorough explanation of what we were in for. He also held my hand throughout which (coupled with the wine from dinner) made it quite bearable.

After the theater we didn't really know what to do. If, gentlemen, you are reading this blog and have ever not wanted a date to end, the number one date extender (in this lady's opinion) is coffee and dessert. We went to a bar, and it was a dive bar and it was loud and we didn't know anyone. We finally decided to ditch the bar for a bottle of wine at an apartment, but it was too late to buy a bottle of wine. We ended up at my apartment which was stuffy and messy. We watched some SNL and cuddled, but it was not great. It was not bad, but it was early and awkward and not great. I don't know what I'm doing with this boy, and he doesn't know what to do with me. I did eventually have to tell him to leave after I feel asleep on the couch and all. I also had an early day today and he did even more so with his brother and brother's fiance coming into town.

This morning I went to IKEA with RA to get a new couch and bed, but decided against the bed as it was so expensive, but I'm sure I'll go back and get it eventually. We were also running unbearably late. I got to work an hour after I was supposed to. I hate that. Being late makes me sick. The new couch is waiting unassembled at the apartment and the old couch is still in place. MP and I are going to try to get it out tomorrow night, though we really need a third person.

E called today since I'm getting VIP treatment for friends of his friend SP at my company later this week. We 'caught up' or whatever. I only said one hateful thing, and it was wrapped in a joke. Why is it that my way of being charming/intimate is so antagonistic? Why do I find that so much fun? My whole communication style is that way it seems. Told you, I'm a relationship nightmare.


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