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Saturday, September 24, 2005


I don’t know if you’ve ever been through this, but I hate when being entirely useless bites me in the ass. Today is a busy day at my weekend job. There are some very rich people looking to buy some very expensive things. There are also some very rich people considering investing in these important things. They are all hovering around. I am writing this. It is an awkward attempt to look as if I have a job that just might matter a wee little bit. I have no idea why I’m here except to answer the phone and make a scrunched up concerned face when my boss is not available. “She’ll be right back,” or “She knows, she is on her way,” or “Well, She’ll be able to answer that much better than I, let’s just give her another minute.”

It’s silly. I guess it shouldn’t bother me except that someday I’d like to matter in someway, somehow, somewhere. If my big old fancy weekend company doesn’t care that I don’t to anything other than the scrunchy face and give good phone voice, why should I? It’s funny, I often complain about people taking silly corporate things too seriously and yet, here I am complaining that I’m not given the opportunity to take this seriously enough. Or something. Look at me and my contradictions. Here I am! I’m over here talking out both sides of my mouth!

I’m hungry too.

That was so worth a second posting, are you kidding? A little bit of yb history, a little bit of yb psychology, now if only someone can tell me how my mother calling me fat has lead me to want to please people even in a corporate environment that I abhor.


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