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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Roommate Wins!

Yesterday was my last voice over class at the Actor’s Connection. It was fun, and nice to meet all the students, but the actual information was limited. Limited things that I didn’t know before though: microphone placement, slate, blah blah blah. We’ll see if anything at all comes of it. After class and bidding a farewell to Courtney, Mark, Tamara et al, JH and I met his boyfriend MC at E’s restaurant. JH and E work together; JH was there first, so I’m allowed to go there. E stopped by as well.

E had called me before class to invite me to see a play with him: $10 student rush tickets to a Soldier’s Play at Second Stage. Of course I couldn’t go, but suggested he call later if he wanted to meet up with JH, MC and me. I really don’t know how I feel about this whole ‘friends’ thing.

At the restaurant where everyone knows our business, we went ahead and got drinks, and I regaled the entire staff with my police escort story. In my mind, everyone found me adorable and charming and E crazy for letting something so amazing go. Yes, I do have an active imagination, and, yes, I do feel confident in the adorable and charming assessment.

E was moody due in part to his old roommate MD’s upcoming wedding. Now MD might not be making a very good choice with his fiancé, granted, but when you love someone you let them make mistakes, you let them live their life. Nonetheless, E is having quite a hard time with it. So, we talked about that a bit with MC pulling me back into fun and silly conversations on my left. It was your basic angel/devil shoulder situation.

At one point I was feeling the effects of my Jack and Diet Coke, and playfully pushed MC, whereupon he and I joked about my tendency toward antagonistic behavior towards those I love.
‘Your love hurts’ E joined in.
‘No, I’m just a little antagonistic. I think it’s fun’ I said.
‘It hurts,’ he insisted, ‘Have you ever been a recipient of your love?’
And oh for a time machine to say, ‘Have you?’ Of course he has, but wouldn’t it have been a great comeback?

E left shortly after when I was quite tipsy and thinking that he might walk me home or at least to the A so I could see him one on one. But I walked home alone bemoaning my ‘paradoxes’ of wanting E without wanting E, of finding him less attractive and still being attracted, etc. etc. Luckily St. Matthew was up. Thank God for the Saint that is my roommate. I realized how infinitely happier I was having St. Matthew to talk to than wandering around with stupid E just to listen to him talk and regret it later. Besides, St. Matthew, Ben & Jerry’s coffee heath bar crunch, and re-runs of Will and Grace are all any girl could ever ask for.


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