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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

from the gallery

MC (JHm's boyfriend) and DW have both weighed in on my situation.

MC (a gay man's perspective) encourages me to take it day by day. 'Remember a year ago,' he reminds me, 'you thought it was done. If he's not running back into your arms today who knows what twists and turns lie ahead.' I have taken that very much to heart. There is no rush. I want T to want me because he wants me. I do not care to 'make him want me' in the absurd way I chased E around New York City. I care for him to love me for who I am, as I love him.

DW's perspective (virgin girl) was that since we made love, he definitely still loves me.



  • LOLOL....That's super funny, yb. "Because you made love he must still love you." Oh I giggled over that one. I think there are many, many indicators of continued or renewed affection, but sex is never one of them. At least not when it comes to men.

    By Blogger NewYorkMoments, at 7:22 AM  

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