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Saturday, April 15, 2006

movin' out

It looks like I'll have to vacate my fantastic midtown apartment. Then I will have nothing to help me prove I'm better than all my friends. Boo. I might end up in Brooklyn in June. I may have to start taking the subway again. It's awful. As further details arrive, I will inform you. We got an eviction notice stating past due rent that has already been paid, but St. Matthew has no intention of staying on the lease when he moves since the landlords are clearly out of their minds. It seems to be sorted out, but he's gonna walk, and if I stay I can't get the same rate and blah blah blah. Who knows it might be for the best. I've been nothing but high-faluting for these wonderful years I've been able to masquerade as a Manhattanite. Hubris, you know.


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