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Sunday, August 27, 2006


I would really like to develop my come-back skills. I remember in middle school come-backs were the thing and being an only child, a school-yard goody-two-shoes and generally unassuming I was terrible at come-backs. My best friend (with two older brothers) was often shocked at my inability. She was too quickly bored with me to be good practice.

Yesterday, walking across the top of Times Square to get to the 49th Street subway, an approximately 7-year-old white kid leaned out the back window of a Hummer and yelled 'yo!' I looked up from waiting at the cross walk and caught his eye, I smiled benignly and he did something with his hand which may have been a side-ways flip off, or may have been some one-handed side ways symbol I'm not hip enough to know. I didn't really pay much attention. However, a few seconds later, wondering what symbol was intended for me, I wished I had that second to yell back. 'Yo, tell your dad to buy a hybrid!' And then someday when my synapses are faster, I will say 'tell your parents to buy a hybrid' cause I'm all equal opportunity like that.

Later, after getting off the subway and walking to a house party somewhere in Queens, some bouncer in front of a bar said, "Hey, Sexy" and I pointedly said "Hello" since I have noticed it often shocks people out of their mind that an 'object' can talk back. Seconds later though, I really wish I had said "Hey, Average Looking."

I'm wondering if upping my Sudoku difficulty level will improve my come-back skills....

In other news, this is really funny.


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