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Sunday, August 20, 2006

On my Own

Tmom didn't show, though when she called to own up to it we did have a good conversation. She realized I was 'projecting' and that if it were my shower she would have to show up in a wheelchair. And while I am glad that I communicated my limits clearly, I am shocked that she wouldn't extend such a courtesy to her own daughter. Tsis and I got smashed, the shower was wonderful and I was the last person there. We smoked cigarettes and I gave her the play by play of my fight with her mother (which I told myself I wouldn't do when I was sober).

Today I tried to get in touch with T but he was being a little bitch. Tsis did give me a run down about how her brother would never get married and that I was the best match for him he would ever meet and he screwed it up.

She also told me it was okay if I ended up alone with lots of cats. We were really drunk at that point. Then the next morning I had horrible dreams about being addicted to nicotine and how stupid could I be throwing my life away on an addiction like that....

Luckily my overactive imagination is a great distraction from my personal life.


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