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Sunday, October 02, 2005


In honor of the official end of Brad Pitt's marriage, I have written my notice to my lousy old job. I would post it but it's boring, nothing fun, no barbed insults, no name calling, no honesty. It's just a 'business' letter. Nonetheless, I'm way excited. I've never turned in a notice before, and I've never quit a job without moving. I am, I guess, growing up.

Last night, I hung out with TV who, it turns out, is also a virgin. He told me about some commitment phobe he is dating, and I told him I had gone commitment phobe on his friend CC. We are able to work past this though he did advocate helping CC out of his state. Then it occurred to me, guys can lie about if they're virgins or not. Not that they did, just wondering why they didn't. Then again, I might be out of touch with my entire generation. This is after all conservative America.

Maybe I should stop listening to Joni Mitchell. Maybe I should lie about having read Fear of Flying. I hate puritans.

When I met TV he was with a group of friends and one was quite attractive. He reminded me of E a little. They have similar faces. I think that the statue of limitations on TV's friends is still on though. So the only thing I got from E-esque friend was more E bad dreams.


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