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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Back up


So, I once interviewed for a higher position here at lousy old job. The job was to be the PA to one of the Operations big wigs. He is a very nice man, but I was not offered the job since I was honest in my interview. I did tell you about this. Anyway, Big Wig found out today that I’m leaving. I have no idea why my supervisor didn’t tell him when I put in my notice, but this way I got to see the shock and recognition all register on his face. It was quite awkward.

I had to tap dance around why I was leaving, not because I hate this hellhole, but because I had better opportunity elsewhere. To top it all off, T was on a Google Talk call with me. If you haven’t gotten Google Talk, get it; it’s fantastic. So over in Germany he was listening to the sounds of the lobby while I answered calls, directed visitors and pussyfooted around with Big Wig. The funny thing was how comforting it felt to have someone there ‘with’ me.

In other news, E called me on Monday and I did not answer. He left a voice mail saying he was out and about with a ‘friend’ and looking for a restaurant that he and I had been to together on one of our good dates. It was a French place with a soup specialty. All I wanted was to text back ‘New friend = New restaurant. Fuck Off.’ But I didn’t, I simply didn’t respond. I wonder how long he is going to behave as if he’s in middle school. You have a girlfriend, I don’t have a boyfriend: I get it. On the upside it does make me feel ridiculously better than him. I am also quite relieved that I have seen pictures of this girl, and know a few choice facts about her. Thank goodness I have some cards in my hand, otherwise I would have taken this call a lot harder.

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  • Google talk isn't compatible with macintosh! FUCKSTERS!

    By Blogger Raymie, at 9:10 PM  

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