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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tis the Season

Before my drama party drama last night, I got hit on by a boy I might could really like. We'll see if he calls me, or if it was just that he wanted go home me that night. He went to school with me, actually, I'm pretty sure he was in E's class. Yes, he was. Huh.

We've always sort of had an interest in each other, not necessarily a dating interest, but more a feeling of recognition. Guess it all depends if he calls me.

I also was mildly hit on at the forgettable reading Sunday by one of the other actors. We got a drink that night and had a nice conversation, but it wasn't as exciting as the school boy: WR.

Oh, and at work today I met this other boy. He works in an office on my floor. He is a partner in a film company--an actor turned small business owner.

So, all these things can fortify me when I remember how that stupid party ended. The dirty details are as follows:
E came up to me and said, 'hi.'
I responded with, 'Where's your girlfriend?'
'I didn't bring her, I'm not crazy.'
'I can't talk to you' and I turned around into a group of my friends standing by the bathroom and cried.

If that were all it wouldn't be so bad. But later when I was making my rounds to say goodbye to people I came across him in the outside space in the bar and said goodbye to my friends, he said something again and I said 'I'm not talking to you.' and one of the friends (not one I knew well enough to join in) said 'E, go away.' That's a little embarrassing. Anyway.

Wasn't the whole point of this post that the world is full of cute boys, and that I must look cute in winter clothes?


  • Men/boys/cock are like buses. Wait 5 minutes & another will be along.

    There are plenty of boys out there. & I'm sure you look great :-)

    By Blogger NewYorkMoments, at 12:36 PM  

  • Tis the Season ... I love it. It must be the tight sweaters.

    By Blogger nutty, at 12:19 PM  

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