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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Theater, thou cruel mistress

It turned out through complete coincidence that I was invited to participate in a reading today by the theater company I was creaming over a few posts ago doing the Revenger's Tragedy. I took over a role within an hour of rehearsal. It was a whole experience, that I want to take more time to explain (tomorrow at work).

At the end of the reading there was a 'talk-back' about the play with some of the audience and people from this company etc. Afterwards, I sought out the director of Revenger's Tragedy who had been there for the performance, talk-back, etc. to tell him how impressed I was with the production. In the course of this quick interaction it became undeniably clear that he didn't recognize me as having performed in the reading that had concluded 30 minutes ago.

That sucked.


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