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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Long weekend

My dear friend AC came into town yesterday. He's the guy that makes me slightly less contemptuous of movies like 'My Best Friend's Wedding.' He's the guy that everyone asks why we don't date. He's funny, sweet, one of the best human beings I know, hot, and we are totally, mutually unattracted to each other. It's a great testament to hormones. We went out to a bar in midtown to meet up with some of his aspiring musician friends. They talked about microphones, and then another aspirer showed up who I was attracted to and suddenly I was a lot more interested in the microphone conversation.

Unfortunately AC had to leave early, his grandmother isn't doing well, so we aren't doing all sorts of exciting things like meeting back up with the cute musician tonight. But, AC did give him my number since AC's cell phone has been acting up. A clever ruse. "Write down this number, you might need to reach me." See, he's a great guy, huh?


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