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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Well, today Katie Holmes had a baby. If it were a few hundred (one hundred?) years ago it would be the cultural norm to call this baby a bastard, and if she left it on someone's doorstep it would be called a changeling.

Also NYC is considering offering housing subsidies for math, science and special education teachers. Funny, one would think a salary should be able to cover one's cost of living... Just further proof that New York real estate makes absolutely no sense. I wonder if someday they will have to bus anyone who makes under 6 figures. Is that what those Jersey buses do?

100 years ago today, the largest earthquake recorded in the United States hit San Francisco--it figured prominently into a historical novel of the Sweet Valley Twins. One of the Wakefield ancestors eloped to San Francisco and then her new husband died in the earthquake, but not before impregnating her with a legitimate Wakefield child. Unfortunately, in the fires following the earthquake the marriage license was lost. The child grew up believing for years it was a bastard until later, the license was found!

Yeah, I used to read the Fear Street series too.


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