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Thursday, April 20, 2006


My co-worker (the one who's going part-time in lieu of flat-out quitting, which might be right around the corner) and I went to an event yesterday. The event was pretty low-key and the two of us got to talking: drugs, sex, pay, you know, girl stuff. She admitted to me (she is talkative person, and I look trustworthy) that she was told that she would have a share of the company when she started working there. It never materialized. That has caused a rift.

Today I was supposed to receive my raise. It hasn't happened. I am trying to find an appropriate way to bring this up.

Some ideas:

"Hey, boss, remember how you said you would let me know about my raise yesterday. Well, since my pay was the same does that mean you decided I shouldn't get a raise?"


"So yesterday when I was doing co-workers job, I felt pretty excited about the new responsibility. I'm excited to see the change in position reflected in my pay."


"Remember when I had to borrow money from my father to pay my rent, and you heard the entire conversation because we share an office? Well, last night at home I had a conversation with him about how he thinks I need to start considering my options since you still haven't raised my pay."


"Did you forget to put my raise through?"

I'm not sure how, but it will be talked about.


  • YB- It sounds to me as if your getting taken advantage of. Your boss keeps putting you off in hopes youll either forget it or give up. I think you may have to sit her down and issue an ultimatum

    By Blogger Tara's World, at 2:00 PM  

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