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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Drunk! 7 days later

Hi, I haven't posted cause I've been doing shit, organizing a fundraiser, running my company, losing weight.... the world is a crazy place. I was lucky enough tonight to meet a friend of a room-mate of a friend and we talked about the world and stuff and after she left I met a boy who I could have destroyed with a few choice words and luckily didn't take home, because I would have spent 89% of my time encouraging him for the off-chance that maybe I might maybe have an orgasm. Good thing the universe kept me from such a trying encounter.
You guys, what the fuck is this? I tried to convince my mother 2 years ago into talking me into settling and she wouldn't have it.

Is there anyone out there who will encourage me to be less than my unencumbered potential? 'Cause really, call me.


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