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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

mixed messages

I think I have before admitted that work in Human Resources. If I hadn't, well, now you know. If you are a detective, you are one step closer to discovering my true identity. So in my job, I get people jobs, or I try really hard to get people jobs, or I fill jobs depending on which way you look at it. Well, last week when I was sick (but working) I called one of the guys who I had placed in an entry level position who was also an alumni from my college about some little detail. The job I placed him in is not a great job, but it's a job and there are plenty of people that don't have them. Well, he sent me a bouquet of daisies and a Get Well Soon card because I sounded like I was dying over the phone. I thought that was really sweet, and I had more than one conversation about receiving these flowers. I was filled with good-will to the flower giver. Today, all that good-will was squandered when he did not show up at his job (different department than me). He did not call anyone on my team, he did not call his supervisor and has been completely unreachable.

Why would someone send flowers one day and then send the equivalent of a giant 'fuck you' the next? The only things I can think of are: (a) he's in love with me--only love could explain such screwed up logic/mean-spiritedness (b) he doesn't want the job but is too much of a pussy to admit it or have a conversation or (c) we slept together. I know that (c) is not true.


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