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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Law School

I have a sweeping generalization to make. Now, I have several friends that are lawyers they are people that have planned to go into law forever and many have political ambitions and then I have a lot of friends who are unemployed actors who talk about law school.

I have several theories on this, and I say this with love in my heart having taken a practice LSAT before. I think the reason these friends are interested in law school is because it is the only real thing left at our age that there is a time-line before you can begin it. If an actor said, fuck this, I want to be a business man then there is nothing to keep him from opening a business or getting a job in the corporate sector. Becoming a lawyer however has a safe padding of years before one can actually do it--or fail at it--or decide they don't like it. Even in medical school one is expected to see cadavers and patients before being a doctor. In the law, one can't even give advice until they pass the bar.

That is my theory.

I think there is also an allure to the idea that words are power or words as action for the actor-types. E told me he was taking the LSAT, you see. I remember when I considered taking it when I had no direction in my life and considered becoming a lawyer to support him and getting a picket fence together. It feels like that was a long time ago.


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