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Saturday, May 12, 2007

My Momma

Happy Mother's Day to you all!

My mom is in town. She's actually around for a LONG visit. She arrived on the 4th and is rolling out on the 23rd. We've painted the apartment.

It's a BIG deal.

I have a pseudo-illegal sublet. I should have been put on the lease last year, and the lease co. knows it and told me it's fine, just to write my name on to this years lease etc. but I have to get the guy who has been on the lease for 10 years sign this one again.

This deal, shady though it may be, has me paying next to nothing (comparatively) while living in Manhattan.

The whole thing has kept me from 'rocking the boat' for the 3 years I've lived here. However, this visit my mom and I finally decided to rock away and enjoy the ride.

We threw away sooooo much crap. I don't think this place had been painted in more than 10 years. It looks really nice!

We threw away all sorts of bad decorations and long abandoned paperbacks. The last time D visited was 2 years ago. He has so much stuff it would take a photographic memory to recall what is still or isn't here.

Here's hoping D doesn't have one!


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