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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


It’s an amazingly beautiful day, and I am in a pissy mood. The weather is perfect. It is E’s birthday, and I keep thinking about stupid things he said, and things I should have said at that dumb meal. My date with the enigma was a bust: the kid won’t make a move, at all. On top of this I’ve been reading a book about women’s bodies and want some cock like nobody’s business. Sigh.

I had a brilliant breakthrough today when reading all the various complaints against the Bush administration. The breakthrough was that Americans as a culture don’t really consider being lied to that terrible a thing. We’ve been groomed to care more about intentions than consequences and it’s something I think is horrible.

As long as Bush meant to ‘do the right thing’ we’ll let that Downing Memo slide. As long as E didn’t mean to hurt my feelings, it doesn’t matter that he acted in a way that humiliates me whenever I think of it. Respect: what people say this country has in the world. Right.


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